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Mobotix D12Di-Sec-D32D43

With two lenses and two HiRes image sensors, the D12 is a highly specialized security solution.


Код товару: # 1844



The MOBOTIX D12D-DualDome network camera series with its elegant design is well suited for use in interiors and on building facades that have high design requirements. The new optional wall mount (see below) provides a concealed cable guide and seals standard-RJ-45 flush-mounted power connectors. And it turns any D12D camera – which is already weatherproof (-30°C to +60°C i.e. -22 to +140°F) – into an IP65-certified camera. The camera models in the D12D-DualDome series are equipped with two flexible, independently adjustable camera modules, which can be individually positioned in any direction. The individual models are available with different lenses. If a Super wide-angle lens is used in both camera modules, the cameras are able to reach a viewing angle of 180°. With megapixel resolution (1280x960 pixels), integrated microphone and speaker, ISDN connection, motion detection, alarm management with pre- and post-alarms, alarm alert via telephone call, digital zoom, event-controlled recording, switching functions (1x In, 1x Out) and an RS232 interface, the D12D-DualDome cameras also include all the trusted MOBOTIX functions for convenient, professional camera use. The lenses in the D12D camera models that are fixed with a retaining ring can be exchanged on location. The lenses in the standard models are adjusted in the factory and tested for quality so that there is generally no need to adjust the focus on location. In addition to the standard models, all the other MOBOTIX lenses can also be installed in the D12D camera models.
Warranty Information: MOBOTIX warrants its network hardware products are free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal use for a period of TWO YEARS.